Alexis Tae in Cheerleader’s After-Game Anal


Your beautiful girlfriend, Alexis Tae , knows that you’re having a bad day after the big game didn’t end in your favor. Since you were moping and not returning her calls, she soon shows up wearing a skimpy cheerleading uniform and a butt plug. You can’t keep your eyes off her bare midriff and very short skirt as she teasingly approaches you… She knows just what to do to help get you out of this rut! Alexis is playful and alluring as she soon sinks down to her knees and sucks your cock. While the sight is certainly amazing, you can’t wait to stick your cock in her tight ass! Fortunately for you, Alexis doesn’t make you wait TOO long before giving you exactly what you want. All of your sorrows disappear the moment Alexis lowers herself onto your cock. Her ass is AMAZING and she lets you pound her sweet pussy, too. You’ve never felt so good, and you can’t believe that you were letting a game get you down like this. You’ll never let a bad mood keep you from enjoying Alexis to the fullest ever again!

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