Alice85JJ & Her Treasure Chest – Alice85JJ – XLGirls


Alice85JJ doesn’t need to tell anyone what her bra size is. This lady, originally from Romania, has a pair of the biggest natural tits in the world and she shows them. Alice85JJ has all of her bras fitted before she buys them. She likes to wear bras that give her the best support and make her boobs “pump up.” “I think I am beautiful so I always feel sexy,” Alice85JJ said. Her English is very good. “I don’t need to wear a sexy dress to be sexy. For me, a T-shirt is enough. I only wear a bra when I leave my house or do photo shoots. “I’m a straight person so I say what I’m thinking. I think that being honest all of the time and saying what I feel makes the person I’m with feel special.

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