Monokini Madness – Roxanne Miller – XLGirls


Under her dinner date dress, Roxanne Miller is doing her monokini justice. She calls showing it to you “your dessert.” A good choice of words from this dreamy, creamy XLGirls Euro-star. Roxanne seduces you with her beautiful body and big boobs and gets so horny while doing so, compelling her to take matters into her own hands. Do jealous women ever say anything about Roxanne’s large breasts? “Some stare. Some think that if I have big boobs, I am also a bimbo. But who cares about them? Let them be frustrated, je m’en fiche!” (“I don’t care!”) Did she play sports in school? “Gossiping is a sport? I am kidding. I did play basketball, voleyball, ping-pong and soccer. I used to wear two bras to not let my tits slap my face. But I am not good at team sports, so I was running from the ball-not to the ball.”

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